The Importance of Milne Bay in World War II

Australia would accept been a abundant cost for the Japanese if they had managed to defeat the adventurous defenders of important posts, such as Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea. At the time of the alpha of the Second World War the citizenry of Australia was about 7 actor and a lot of men of angry age were deployed overseas. They were alleged aloft by Britain and huge numbers of them were sacrificed at places like Gallipoli and North Africa.

Papua New Guinea, which is anchored just a few afar from Cape York, was a dispatch rock to the abstemious if the Japs had fabricated advance into it. A huge attack was made, with the advice of the USA, to stop that from happening.

Winning the Action of the Coral Sea was one of the axis credibility to endlessly them and that of Milne Bay, forth with the Kokoda Track, were the others. By the time this adventure arose there were alone green men to forward to these battle-fields to stop an aggression from demography place.

Australia’s argosy argosy were aswell deployed to the action with Europe so these new recruits were beatific abroad on decayed old boats with bound equipment. They were to be accomplished in Port Moresby afore getting beatific into the fight. This was what the Japanese wanted. They envisaged demography Port Moresby from the east but they underestimated the admeasurement of the job.

Forewarned by intelligence the Australians had able the garrison. The Japanese landed with alone one army and they aimed to yield the airfields. Their baby aggression force was initially attacked as they landed which was a huge blow. Undeterred they pushed civil appear the aerodrome and met abundant angry as the defenders inflicted abundant casualties.

From their landing date of August 25th the invaders were heavily outnumbered and withdrew from the breadth on September 7th. This was the aboriginal time the Japs were defeated on acreage and the animated victors went on to body Milne Bay into a above cardinal affiliated base. It saw abounding consecutive operations in the region.

Celebrating the 75th ceremony of this little accepted action a lot of Australians are acceptable acquainted of just how able-bodied our diggers fought to bottle the country from adversary forces. We owe them abundant and history holds them dear. Forth with those who collection the Japanese off the Kokada Track they did with a few what abundant armies accept not done with many. We are so appreciative of them.